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GSE Series (Toten)
GSE Series (Toten)
- an extended version of the GS Series, increasing demand for ideal climatic control and stringent security

- available in double section opening which will allow full optimization of the usage area and engender GSE rack to be a desirable asset in date centers

- Toten Server Rack
GS-E Network Cabinets
Syntax GSE-xtra Series Network Cabinet is an extended version of the GS Series,providing answers to increasing demand for ideal climatic control and stringent security. This hot-selling rack accounts for 5-extras, namely extra-depth, extra-ventillation, extra-security, extra flexibility and extra-space saving.GSE rack proudly brag about its Universal Mounting Platform(UMP) which facilitates the mounting of any 19" rack mountable equipment, and together with its depth of 1000mm and above, it is suitable for storage of various types of servers.

Essentially quipped with 75% full perforation on the front and rear doors, GSE rack offers an option of 'individual key for indicidual rack' or 'one key fits all' concept, and accounts for versatile critival thermal management and enhanced safeguarding. Furthermore, doors of GSE rack are available in double section opening which will allow full optimization of the usage area and engender GSE rack to be a desirable asset in date centers.
Comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN 41491; PART 1 DIN 41494; PART 7, GB/T 3047.2-92, ETSI Standard
SPCC Cold Rolled Steel
Thickness: Mounting Profile 2.0mm, 19” Panel Mounting 1.5mm, Others 1.2mm
  • E-1
    EXTRA DEPTH Due to the increasing demand of high- end blade server (Rack Mount Server), it has proven that, the minimum DEPTH of contemporary server rack should have 1000mm and above. Therefore, AS-E was designed for providing sufficient DEPTH so as to enable the ease of installation and cable management.

  • E-2
    EXTRA- VENTILATION Thermal Management has always been a critical concern for data center or data room. Thus, conventional ventilation systems are no longer sufficient for today’s high density networks environment. The introducing of AS-E Series with 75% full vented on Front and Rear door was to ensure that, versatile thermal requirement was fully catered for. In addition, with optional side door/ panel fully vented (75%), its multiple the crucial needs for excellence ventilation.

  • E-3
    EXTRA- PROTECTION/ SECURITYWith the preference on AS-E Server rack, user’s can have the option on ‘individual key- for individual rack’ or ‘one key fits all’ concept. These features increase the security level towards the accessibility and safeguarding of sensitive/ privacy equipments’.

  • E-4
    EXTRA- FLEXIBILITY The AS-E series with the Universal Mounting Platform (UMP) facilitate not only on various brand servers, but also catered for any 19” rack mountable equipments. In additional, the enhance cable entrance and vertical cable management; also support the meant of flexibility on crucial and massive cabling task.

  • E- 5
    EXTRA- SPACE SAVING The double section opening on Front door and Rear door would fully optimize the usage area for the data room. Thus, the area require for door opening will tremendously reduced by 50%. d
Standard Feature
Panel Mount with Unit Indication & Silk Screen Numbering
Full Vented Top Frame with Front Rear Sides Cable Entrance
Hexagon Perforation with folding
Unique Lock System Ready
New! Plasti Finger Duct Management *Optional
Universal Mounting Platform
Full Perforated Arc-Fold Front Door & Swing Handle Lock
Embeded PDU features